Generation Transfer launches LifeArk to help parents preserve lasting memories for their kids


Generation Transfer launches LifeArk to help parents preserve lasting memories for their kids
Press Release - 9/24/2020, 9AM PST

Generation Transfer Inc - a startup founded by new parents announced the release of LifeArk, an online platform designed to help mothers and fathers share life stories, family history, interests and life lessons with their kids.

"The internet has proven to be a dangerous place for children to navigate alone. At a time when social media is overrun by divisive politics and commercial interests, there needs to be a safe place for families to engage online without the noise" commented LifeArk CEO Daniel Feltsman. Part personal blog, time capsule and private social network for your family, LifeArk is the place where parents and kids safely maintain meaningful, lasting and significant relationships online.  

“Our digital DNA and memories are fragmented, scattered between email, social media, text messages and the cloud,” writes Daniel via the FounderDad blog. “Technology has created a strange reality: we share intimate details of our lives with distant friends, advertisers, politicians and strangers on commercialized social networks, yet have no way to organize and share what matters most with our kids. There are apps and solutions to help manage every relationship we make in our lives, except for the most important. What if we created something that brought our attention back to the people who matter, especially now as there's even more pressure and attention on the family institution.”

Early Adoption and Reviews

‍Parents currently using LifeArk are pleasantly surprised at how interested kids are in learning about their family history, early childhood, and their parent’s life stories. “If you catch kids before they jump on TikTok, Instagram or Snapchat, when as a parent you still have influence, you will see how curious kids are to learn about where they came from and who you are. Establishing that dedicated space at the beginning - when children first access the internet - is important; we create a home in the digital realm to which they can always return.”

One parent using LifeArk who shared 45 posts with their child over the span of two months commented - "in an increasingly global world where—like in my family—our children live thousands of miles away, LifeArk’s ability to elegantly create a cross-generational channel is extremely timely.”

“LifeArk is an excellent idea, executed thoughtfully with intuitive design and engaging modules that keep you coming back to create diverse, interesting and genuinely memorable content. Recommend to all parents and anyone looking to share their private lives without the boasting of conventional social media.”

“Beautiful design and solves a real problem: how do you pass down thoughts and feelings to your loved ones?” “Will be a staple for years to come in my family.‍"

How LifeArk works

LifeArk gives parents and grandparents a direct line to their family's future, organizing your memories and experiences thematically, not linearly as found in most blogging and social media platforms.

Through an intuitive interface, prompts and guided questions, LifeArk helps users turn fleeting moments into permanent memories that are shared with kids, grandkids, friends, and relatives at a time, place or life event of their choosing. “By answering self-reflective, thought-provoking questions - such as your definitions of love and happiness, how you've dealt with life's difficulties, the principles, people and experiences that shaped your life - LifeArk paints a complete portrait of who you are, and saves those stories for your future kids and grandkids.”

“This is the first time an app has allowed me to consciously travel into the future, knowing my daughter will read this in 5-10 years time,” commented a LifeArk early adopter.


Generation Transfer didn’t set out to change the landscape of social media. “The idea of creating a digital time capsule originated when I became a parent. I looked at the market for parenting apps and saw there was nothing to help me save in one place all the things I want to share - whether it be family history, life stories, my photos, videos, music playlists, favorite movies, influences or life lessons - with my son as he grows. What began as a hobby has transformed into a rapidly growing startup changing the landscape of social media for potentially billions.”

Generation Transfer's original vision was to build a digital diary that parents would share with their children in the future. After speaking to enough parents “we understood clearly that a platform connecting a parent to their child starting from day one and lasting through life was more timely and powerful than that of a one-off gift far off in the future."

CEO Daniel Feltsman added, “it is our responsibility as parents to educate children about the internet and how social media works.” LifeArk allows parents to do so in a safe, meaningful and family focused environment.

This release is the first step in a larger roadmap aimed at strengthening family bonds in the digital age. In the coming months Generation Transfer will be releasing updates allowing multi-author collaboration on content, as well as geolocation triggers, and public sharing for friends, family and followers.


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