From a father to his son


Written by Generation Transfer and LifeArk founder Daniel Feltsman to his son Miron.

My Dearest Child,

As you begin this journey of life, there are a few things I would like for you to know…

I want you to know that you are part of this world, and this world — this vast and endless and incomprehensible universe — exists within you.

Life is a miracle, you are a miracle.

As humans, we are capable of the most daring, courageous and inspirational acts, yet at the same time have the power to destroy. How you exist in the world between darkness and light will define who you are.

So choose your words wisely and speak truth.

Ask questions, listen.

Value relationships, not money.

Do not let other people influence your self-worth or shake your confidence.

You will go to school and you will go there to learn; but life will be your classroom. There is no difference between “school” and “real life” — it’s all school and it’s all real life.

I want you to face life with a heroic willingness to encounter the unknown, and do not protect yourself with “I can’t.” Remember — success and failure is only a state of mind.

I hope you can appreciate the beauty in the world around you; help others, be kind and smile.

No matter what happens, remember that life is happening not to you, but for you. So observe yourself, write your thoughts down, and find what you love.

Be bold, be confident, and have the courage to live your life.

— Pop

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